Cinema Live Screening

BCIFF Live Screening May – June 

Say No More

Directed By

Ryan Orizabal

Jamie and Arthur are a troubled couple who are tied due to their shared losses. When pressured into breaking up by both their relatives, they instead make their bond even stronger. But that bond could lead to consequences that could destroy them and their families.

Highway 13

Directed by

Stan Papulkas

It’s the fall of 1962, Alex and Glenda have been travelling a long time, totally unaware of the road they are on is referred to as “The Bermuda Triangle of the North“. For the last 100 years, people have been disappearing along Highway 13 in Alberta. What awaits Alex and Glenda may not necessarily be from this dimension.


Directed by

Michael G Kehoe

A stranger offers people an opportunity to change their immediate future, an offer that could save them from danger.

Deep In Her Heart

Directed by

Isabel Canzoneri

When Paul Stanley, a firefighter, dies on a mission to save people from a deadly fire, his 17 year old daughter struggles to come to terms with his choice and pride to serve others while sacrificing his own life. Her grandmother, who lost her husband while battling a fire when Paul was 17 years old, tries to help Natalya to cope by sharing with her a story about Paul, her father.

Jewels of Light

Directed by

Fanny Pierre

Darkness is upon the world and light is almost fading. Two female elves, the last of their kind, will unite with other races of badass women in a journey against the doom of the world.

Good Day Bad Trip

Directed by

Tone Davies

Music Video for the debut single by Gemma Rogers.

Voyeur Secrets

Directed by

Maiya Kenick

“Voyeur Secrets” is an intimate, voyeuristic fantasy film exploring the heart of a girl. Is it a dream dreamt or imagination on fire?


Directed by

Eli Erol Kebudi-FILMS

What happens when a cowboy tries to make it in the advertising business? Roles are changing when the wise cowboy enters the meeting room…

Koselig (noun/verb)

Directed by

Cassie LeFevre

“Koselig (noun/verb)” is a mockumentary comedy about Slow TV, a real-life Norwegian phenomenon that can best be described as “marathon television coverage of an ordinary event in its entirety”. At its heart, it is a simplistic yet endearing form of film that captivates foreign crowds for hours on end with its still imagery and unconventional charm.


Directed by

Anaya Music

This video is About the new world of Dharma free of guilty, free of suffering and free of death. Understanding transcendence and Ascension to overcome death.

“The essence of Love is Eternity. Love transcends time. Beyond memories of a beginning and fear of an end our immortal soul symbolizes love and Eternal life. Music becomes a gateway to the realization and integration of our deepest feelings of love, grief, fear, joy and peace.”~Anaya

“Dharma” is a majestic orchestral arrangement of strings, woodwinds and brass instruments. Possessing a distinctively cinematic quality, the piece immediately brings to mind that of a fairytale.

Killer Highway

Directed by

Thomas Valencia

An exhausted woman encounters a tragic accident as she drives through a lonely highway and takes an unexpected turn.

On / Off

Directed by

Nicolas P. Villarreal

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.


Say No For A Kiss

Directed by

Mazahir Rahim

Love in the times of Covid 19

Cautious Rupert & Carefree Tina meet and it is love at first sight. But Intimacy can be dangerous when Covid is around. A fun look at these taut times.

Sex, Drugs and Murder in The First Degree

Directed by

Anthony Bates

Three men wake up in a daze and question their own reality.

The Woes of Angele // Les maux d’Angèle

Directed by

François Zaïdi

The 8 years old Angèle lives alone with her uncle Tom, after the tragic loss of her father, while her mother’s health declines.

As he also struggles with his own demons, the girl tries to mend her failing speech, helped by female figures that remind her of her mother, soon to be gone.

What Brings You In? EP1

Directed by

Emmy Newman

What Brings You In? (WBYI) is a comedic series about famed therapist Dr. William Park and his clients. In this episode, Dr. Park deals with all things social media.

WHO IS BAD ?〜The shouting of Rock-and-roll Samurai〜

Directed by

Yuri Sasamoto

Koji Hatakeyama is in third grade at high school.He was learning drunken boxing,however he was disgusted by the corruptness of Dojo owner.

He was looking for a new teacher.At the open campus of a university,he found the characters of New Swordless Kendo “Shinmutoryu-School Shouting Club”, and while searching for the club,he got lost in a parallel world.

Weird people gathered in the club, and the past, present, and future were in conflict and history was changing.

In the real world, great men such as Samurai Ryoma Sakamoto were disappearing from textbooks.

The Shouting and Rock’n’roll music of Samurai.

“Imagine This: A Story Told With Sound Effects”

Directed by

Dick Jordan

Sounds effects add a layer of complexity to movies.

But could a motion picture be made solely with sound effects and nothing visual at all?

Imagine the story that sounds effects are telling as you watch this film.


Directed by

Pete Berger

A young black woman, dressed in 1940s fashion, enjoys the flowers of a city garden. Sudden siren wailing drives the woman out of the garden, down into the alleys of an old town. She searches in vain for cover: all the front doors are locked, no other people far and wide. Only a voice from a distant loudspeaker warns of an ABC air raid. The woman finds the sound source, which turns out to be a gramophone, on whose record sirens and warning messages are played. The gramophone is operated by a monkey-like creature, which shortly afterwards steps into the scene and stops the spinning shellac record.
In this short film Gramophone, Pete Berger leads us through a surrealistic world in which the unconscious merges with the real.