BCIFF  Screening   2022

March – April Screening

19th – 22nd May

I Still Think He’ll Be Alright

Directed by Jeffrey Scott Richards

In the sequel to the award winning short documentary “I Think He’ll Be Alright,” Jeffrey Richards documents when the Coronavirus Omicron variant enters his home. When the vaccinated Jeff is exposed to both his wife and son while they are infected , it leads him to ask the following questions “Is COVID here to stay?” and “Can we ever get back to normal?”

On the edge

Directed by niva ben hanan

“On the Edge” takes the viewer on a journey in a futuristic world where, under the supervision of “BB Web”, citizens are required by law to take a pill designed to suppress any kind of emotion. One day, Shira 84183 experiences a brief moment of emotion that compels her to question everything she thought she knew and discover a new world.

Birthday Bash

Directed by Shireen Crutchfield

When Jason vanishes on his 10th birthday, his parents find blood.

The Expired Sheep

Directed by Ieva Kondrataviciute

The fictional film ‘Expired Sheep’ is a more surreal, avant-garde film. The title ”Expired sheep” symbolizes, that sometimes people act like sheep, blindly following something. The word ”expired” means in the film, that authorities tend to use people, who blindly believe in them, and when these people are not useful anymore, to get rid of them as expired items.
In this film, the theme is conveyed in a more abstract way, through symbols, and through the emotions of the characters. The theme of the film is that sometimes a person chooses the wrong path, without listening to his heart, his inner voice, his opinion, but following more to the opinion of the majority, of the recognized authority, in whom the majority believe. For example, a character, named William, listens to the thought, created by authority, that in order to live a happy life a person has to leave his negative friend, named Kate, in misfortune because any negativity brings more negativity into life.


Directed by Moze Mertens

The word ‘Alledoags’ comes from the Gronings Dialect from the Netherlands, which means mundane or ordinary but not in a negative connotation. “Alledoags” emphasizes the beauty of a routine and how PTSD can be a part of you through out your whole life, no matter what age.

Shreveport Son Short film

Directed by Mark D. Bonner

A young man reunites with a childhood friend during the last 37 hours of his life.

Tierra del Fuego

Directed by Oleksandr Lozytskyi

Film from an exciting expedition to Tierra del Fuego in Chile and Argentina in November 2021.


Directed by  Monika Abate

A short film about a woman who escapes prison in an effort to prove her innocence.

Ancestral Land

Directed by Gabriel Bissonnette

A young traveler thrives on the forest that surrounds him until, by chance, he spots an evil ax that makes him greedy.

Vaky and Visy _ new Dimension

Directed by Majid Farhangdoost

Vaky “Frog” and Visy “Flies” portray a different dimension of human needs and desires in a funny, humorous and musical way, and the result of these events in their endeavors is interesting and far from expected.


Directed by Sean G Smith, Susan Touch, Deepti Arora, Ajay Targotra, Nicholas Duke, Paddy Sivanandan, John Wonnacott, Ajith Kumar, Jasper Sonnak, James Dwyer

A young woman struggles to find herself after the pandemic era.

Under a Bad Moon

Directed by Stephen Franklin Blanton

A former sheriff deputy moves to the country after a breakdown following her partner’s murder. The perpetrator is still at large when she awakens to the sound of a gunshot and distressing voices. She seeks out the source and finds a dead body, and three young men and a woman. She’s forced to deal with her trauma so she can handle the situation at hand.

She’s An Instagram Model

Submitted by Keith Harris

Lovable nerd Orlando will do anything to keep his Instagram model girlfriend happy, but upon meeting his cooler, richer and more handsome arch nemesis Vladimir, he realizes he may be in for more than he bargained for. Will Orlando be able to do what it takes to get his girlfriend back? Shot with a colorful cast of characters in beautiful Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and America, New York filmmaker and comedian Keith Orlando Harris traveled to the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan to write, produce, direct and act in a collection of 10 short comedy videos there including two parody music videos.


Mängelexemplar “Hej Hej Hej!”

Directed by Lozano Jérôme

They are videos inside which you can move. For sure the experience is still passive, but it also can add the interactivity of letting you explore the scene you are seeing, of watching it from the point of view you prefer.

For the best experience, choose “Roomscale” in VR Gear Settings and create a huge playground around you, then you’ll be in perfect condition to enjoy our music Video Mängelexemplar “Hej Hej Hej!”

The Roommate

Directed by Curtis Pollock

When Alexis is laid off from her job in New York City, she impulsively decides to reboot her life by moving to the cultural boomtown of Austin, Texas. She responds to a “Roommate Wanted” ad, quickly lines up a place to live, and is eager to commence the next chapter in her life.
But when she arrives—amid one of Austin’s famous citywide music festivals—her roommate, Brenda, is nowhere to be found, and Alexis embarks on a search for a woman she’s never met that takes her beneath Austin’s sunny surface into the neon labyrinth of its music scene. The farther she follows Brenda’s trail, the harder it gets for her to know who to trust—or whether she can trust anyone at all.


The greedy

Directed by Jacob Martin Eugen Munkhammar

It’s the late 90’s. Summer is flourishing, and the vegetation thrives on the glorious countryside. It is a place with an unassuming existence. The two brothers Oscar and Mikael run their farm alone since their father died a few months ago, their mother died when they were young. The family changed when the mother died, the father became hollow and more and more silent as the years passed. Oscar is saddened by their father’s death, meanwhile Mikael is focused on taking care of his younger brother. He is looking forward but seems colder than ever before.
Their childhood friend Irma is visiting the village and they have not seen each other in ten years. Irma and Oscar quickly begin to remember back to when they were children, but Mikael is busy taking care of the farm. One evening, the family’s lawyer visits the farm and shows the father’s will. The lawyer wants Oscar to attend the meeting, but Mikael insists that he only speak to him. Apparently, the father has donated the farm to Oscar while Mikael does not inherit anything. Mikael gets upset and asks the lawyer not to tell Oscar and the lawyer reluctantly agrees. But the lawyer’s conscience is fragile, and he has a hard time keeping this secret. Oscar and Mikael are inviting neighbors and friends, including Irma, to their annual family celebration.

Just Smile

Directed by Leonardo Rosalba

In the 1970s, a young married couple in Detroit had financial problems. This pushes the boy of Italian origins to have to accept a job offer that goes against the principles of him and his black wife.


Directed by Andreas Quiroga

College freshmen Sabrina, Preston, and Jan are in the middle of their orientation and their intrepid orientation leader; Bobby, has gotten them lost in the woods during the scavenger hunt. After hours of aimless wandering and increasing tensions, everything explodes when the four stumble across a dead body. Being thrusted into their new situation; the four students come together and navigate what to do with the body. Aghast! is a quick-witted comedy about growing up and doing what’s right.

We Are Who We Are

Directed by Yoagandran Rako

“ ‘We Are Who We Are’ sheds light on many issues embedded in society.We were all born with our own little quirks and honestly, I’m okay with that. The song is about developing our individual character and accepting ourselves. We do not have to be defined by our skin color, our sexuality, or our class. The only thing that should be important is who we are on the inside. We are not defined by our physical traits. We are defined by our strength, our love and our determination to be the best we possibly can. ” – Hitha

Heaven’s Revenge, I Love You to Death

Directed by LaNease Adams

A woman named Heaven Bailey (LaNease Adams) has her heart broken, by Professional Wrestler Jackson Davis (Marcus Hamm) and she vows to make him pay dearly.