BCIFF  Screening July – August

24th-30th September

An Orchestrated Evil Professor

Directed by Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

What do you do, when your brilliant, boastful science professor is a haunting character from the past ? Do you trust him, fear him or confess to him ? Do you persevere with your experiments regardless the professor’s comments that it is science in reverse ?


Fuzz & Malloy – S02E08 – Two-Thousand-Fuzz a Space Oddity

Directed by Daniel J. Pico

In 1945, at the end of World War II, Maria Orstitsch, infamous, Nazi psychic and founder of the Vril Society, disappeared along with her friend, Traute A., and a small group of SS officers. Rumors of experiments having to do with space travel, and contact with extraterrestrials, are the only clues we have as to their whereabouts. For 74 years it has remained a mystery, until today…

“Fuzz & Malloy” is a strange, over the top, Sci-Fi/Comedy. Follow the adventures of two best friends trying to make it in Hollywood California. After a short attempt at being stand-up comedians, the two somehow fall into becoming paranormal investigators. Watch our heroes easily float through life like a wrecking ball unknowingly destroying everything around them. Prepare yourself for the hilarious misadventures of two lovable dimwitted pals, Fuzz & Malloy.

Rexxi space cat – Episode 1 The Falcone Uno

Directed by Diana Kennedy

Little kittens will grow up!
Rexxi has become of age and today is the big day! He will buy his first own spaceship. Carrying his savings with him, he meets his uncle Fabrizzio, a second-hand equipment dealer.
Fabrizzio introduces him to the “Falcone Uno” – a charming “Flying Saucer”. It’s love at first sight for Rexxi!
But Rexxi is not the only one who wants to acquire the Falcone Uno: Captain Riccio, a nasty and perpetually angry little critter wants to get his hand on that fine little ship.
And he’s not likely to give in anytime soon.


ROOM 1403

Directed by Masaaki Mitsuyasu

A young, curious tenant is sternly warned by her
landlord to not opening a closet door.


Creeped Out

Directed by Matt Holt

Covid and buffoonery aren’t going away anytime soon. When boundaries are broken, liberties are taken. Kishi can’t self-isolate from the her overprotective, overfamiliar and over the top neighbours. Without a vaccination against stupidity, this is not going to end well.



SILENT LEE in… The Writer!

Directed by Lee Brace

When you’re trying to write but your face has other ideas…



 Synthetic Me

Directed by Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

An inanimate stuffed toy belonging to a teenage medical student desires a longevity in their companionship, that it may last for eternity. It is acutely conscious that as time passes, its torso has become wizened from wear and tear, and the color of its eyes faded, while the teenager has blossomed into a young adult, almost a doctor. As it is exposed to the new science of synthetic DNA in its partners curriculum, it starts to crave the building blocks required to rejuvenate its form, with a dream, desire, a plea, ” will someone please make a brand new me ! ” .


Unspoken Casualties: The Heartbreak of the Pandemic

Directed by Cameron Lee

Unspoken Casualties is a documentary that examines both the cause and effects of mental health and suicide of all age groups in the United States and features real people who have suffered from depression while having thoughts of suicide.

As we understand what suicide is, we hear from Silver Ochai, a mental health technician from the Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire in Houston and understanding the facts about this important issue. Three women were interviewed on this topic including one of our writers.

Chariti-Johnson Hamilton is one of the many people that has experienced depression at a young age and has also made attempts to commit suicide. Throughout her story, she takes a look back on how she suffered from depression while being in lockdown for an entire year as well as other times she has experienced depression pre-pandemic. One interviewee chose to go as anonymous on camera in order to tell her story about her isolation and the traumatic experience she faced when she was young.


Girl Next

Directed by Larry Carrell

A young woman is abducted by a strange group of human traffickers who use drug and trauma based mind control to turn women into sex slaves called “Sofia”dolls.

Small Sacrifices Series 2023

Directed by RaeAnne Hadley

In the year 2026, Willow and her family escape the confines of the elite to join their faction; The Crows. She discovers that freedom is often disguised and as she discovers traitors in her faction, she also discovers she has powers that no one else has. Can she save her faction from those who are set out to destroy it?

Hearts Echo

Directed by Eva Louis

A woman can’t shake the feeling that she is not alone. But is it just a feeling?

Endless Bend

Directed by Daniel Blunck

A woman’s weird dreams go awry due to the psychological stress of changes in her routine and cause endless bends in reality. But are they dreams?

Prevailing Promise

Directed by Eva Louis

Two friends come together at the end of the world.

Death of Hercules

Directed by Daniel P Quinn

The Death of Herakles from Sophocles’ THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS. This captures a virtuoso performance
by Ellen Lanese from our Off-Broadway production in the edition by Michael Jameson.

Don’t Let Go

Directed by Mel Orpen

When Sam and Reggie get engaged, their future seems bright–until a terrible car accident leaves Reggie in a coma. And Sam must confront Reggie’s homophobic mother to fight for a place at her hospital bedside before it’s too late.

Windward Spirits: A New Ruler

Directed by Alexander Perez, Cyrus Emami

A man who recently takes the throne of a small kingdom quickly realizes that the cost of power is much more than he bargained for.


Directed by LAUREN LOX

Olivia Flynn struggles physically and emotionally as she tries to move on with life after a series of traumas.

Bad Drones

Directed by Sam Coale

A young man is unintentionally set on an adventure to save mankind when he falls through a wormhole to another world only to discover an army of evil drones on the other side poised to invade Earth.

The man who measures the World

Directed by Irene Gianeselli

K., the land surveyor, the man who measures the World, relives the nightmare and the dream, the obsession of full life and the ambition of a dignified death always denied in the non-linear plot of rules, laws and social obligations. Inspired by Franz Kafka’s “Das Schloß” (1926) this adaptation chooses four archetypal characters to show in action: Mistress, Barnabas and Bürgel in addition to the protagonist K. who absorbs and impersonates them by shifting the limit of his identity in an increasingly challenging game. Klamm – who represents the illusion of being able to reach the power – and the beautiful Frieda – who’s the pure and vain love – are only evoked by the passion and frustrated ambitions of the protagonist. Luigi Mezzanotte acts the bewilderment of humanity that faces the World and History. The same humanity is condemned to eternal repetition and to the “eternal return” of its defeat in a mysterious and ancestral space which is seductive and full of promises for an eternal golden and inaccessible summer.

Trees Can Hear You

Directed by Andrew Martyn Sugars

the film is a rendition of a poem written by a survivor of locked in syndrome of their lived experience while in hospital. the poem was published (june 2021) on the dear york website – a safe space for service users to write about their experiences in york (uk). this poem particularly moved hilary conroy, the guardian of the website who put out an invitation in a creative action group (of york complex needs network) meeting to create a response to the poem.

shortly after this invitation, while on a residency period in an empty shop in derby(uk) i explored the poem within the space, that i was locked inside.

Walking Through The Pandemic

Directed by Andrew Martyn Sugars

screencast of an interactive documentary. the content is from contributions from a community of walkers brought together by the covid-19 pandemic. many sited walking as a solace during the early months of the pandemic and lockdown.

Making A Picture

Directed by Steve Osemwenkhae

A short story about photographer Carl Chiarenza who uses light and shadow to make his art.